Conference, User Groups and Networking Opportunities – why they are so important to your career.

Conference, User Groups and Networking Opportunities – why they are so important to your career.

Jun 30, 16
Bob Daugherty
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Blogger: Bob Daugherty,  IT Director at DMLO

I’m fortunate at my firm that they understand the importance of networking and learning from others in your field. CPA and most service firms understand this is beneficial for accountants, lawyers, architects and other professionals.  Not every firm understands how important network and learning is for IT professionals.

I recently returned from the AICPA Practitioners and Tech Conference. Great conference! If you’re an IT professional at a CPA firm, this is the conference to attend.  Tons of great information both on technology issues and running a CPA firm.  I spent my time on the IT track and met some really interesting people and learned some cool and helpful new stuff.

It’s just not possible these days for IT professionals to learn everything they need from manuals, web sites, self-learning tools and of course trial and error. Talking to my peers and other IT professionals has helped me tremendously over the years.  I go to every conference and/or event with one or more questions to I ask everyone I meet.  This conference it was about using the Surface Pro 4 as a laptop replacements. I was surprised by how many are making this work successfully.  Time to test it myself.  Watch for future posts about how this is going.

Attending conferences, user group meeting such as the ITMA gives me the opportunity to bounce ideas for projects off people who have already done them.   The owners of my firm are always asking about what other firms are doing.  At these events and meetings I hear about what other firms are doing, what worked and what didn’t, and sometimes I get answers to problems I haven’t figured out, or even didn’t know I was going to have.  Makes my job easier and saves me a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Plus, it’s nice to have people around who know what your struggles and frustrations are all about. And it’s fun to swap stories about end users and partners.  The only downside is that sometimes you wind up with an action list as long as your arm.  23 action items and counting from the conference I just got back from.  Next post – how to handle a task list that is out of control.

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