The Importance of Networking from a Self-Proclaimed Introvert

The Importance of Networking from a Self-Proclaimed Introvert

Nov 02, 16
Bob Daugherty
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Like most of us I get a lot of email with a lot of junk.  But occasionally there’s very interesting and sometimes insightful information buried in the mix.  I recently read an article by Erin Cheever, Project Manager at Boomer Consulting about the importance of networking.  Erin, like many IT professionals is a self-proclaimed introvert.

Sometimes networking and company events are stressful to those of us who aren’t naturally extroverted.  I particularly liked Erin comments about networking not being about sales.

Networking is Not About Selling

What is networking not? Selling. A large part of my realization about the benefits of networking was getting past the fact that it is not selling and it is not all about business. My background is not in the accounting profession, so I was often intimidated about talking to accounting professionals about those topics or ideas. But by looking at the conversation as a way to create a relationship and get to know an individual on a personal basis it became easier and more natural. I took selling out of the conversation, and it took the pressure away.

Making those contacts and building those relationships will benefit your career greatly.  It’s like presentation skills, (another great benefit to your career) it gets easier the more you do it.

Erin’s take on networking should put you a bit at ease.  You can read Erin’s full article at and you can read her bio at

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