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How to tell if you’re infected with malware.

May 12, 16
Bob Daugherty
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Blogger: Bob Daugherty,  IT Director at DMLO

Convincing end users that they need to be doing regular virus/malware scan can be like telling yourself you need to eat more vegetables.  You know you should, but if you don’t listen to your own advice, how can you expect them to listen?

The problem is understanding the issue; how good vegetable are for you and how important regular scans are. Like you, I get lots of email articles on every topic related to IT.  I just got one from Malwarebytes that does a pretty good job explaining the symptoms of being infected.  It might just help your end users understand this problem better.  And maybe they will do more scans.


If you’re not familiar with Malwarebytes, you probably should be. They have a free product that does a pretty good job of cleaning things up that your regular anti-virus application might miss.  It’s a handy tool to have in your utility belt.

Manage your home computer protection the same way you manage it at the office

Mar 29, 16
James Osborne
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Blogger:  Bob Daugherty, IT Director DMLO

I love the dashboard we have at the office for our antivirus/malware software.  But hate managing the individual installs of AVG I use at home.  I use Sophos at work and love it.  Now Sophos is offering a cloud based dashboard with their “free” home software.  It will protect up to 10 computers per account from malicious software, inappropriate websites and viruses.

Unless you’ve got a family of IT professionals the responsibility of protecting those household computers falls on you.  Who knows when your daughter last ran a virus check on her laptop and your son won’t even let you in his room, let alone look at his computer.  And who is helping your aging grandmother living in Florida with her computer?  You are.

The signup is simple and you can protect 10 computers with one account.   Accounts seem to be based on email addresses, so if you have multiple email accounts (and who doesn’t) you could manage more than 10.  Of course you may have to quit your day job to keep up.

The install was easy once I got my current antivirus uninstalled.  It won’t install if there’s another one.  I’ve been using AVG for years and it’s been great but uninstalling it was difficult.  Once it was gone I was good to go.  To automate the installation, you can send a link to your college student living on campus or your grandmother in Florida.  The only thing it’s lacking is the ability to uninstall common AV apps as part of the install.  You have to do that before you start.

Once installed you can see alerts, run scans and block web sites from any place you have internet access.  Even from work if your boss isn’t looking.  Here’s the link, it might be worth taking a look.  https://www.sophos.com/lp/sophos-home.aspx