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Backup at home like you do at the office.

May 12, 16
Bob Daugherty

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Blogger:  Bob Daugherty,  IT Director at DMLO

This post is kind of in line with my last one about using the same great enterprise tools at home (Manage your home computer protection the same way you manage it at the office).

For those of us, and I’m assuming this is most of us, that are using virtual servers and possibly virtual desktops you’re probably familiar with Veeam. It’s a great backup solution for your virtual network and if you haven’t looked at it, you might want to.

The problem with backup at the office has always been the workstations. Do you, don’t you, should you, could you…. You get the idea.   But we also have the same problem with the home computers we manage.  It’s a real pain to back them up regularly and there’s so many options and tools.

Now there’s one more and it might be the solution for both. Veeam Endpoint Backup Free.  Yes its free and its Windows 10 compatible.  If you’re a Veeam user you will really like this product, I’ve been testing for a couple weeks now on my home and office laptop and it seems to do everything it says it can.  The install is simple you get the same options you get with Veeam.  I haven’t tested multiple USB drives as my destination yet but that’s next.  It doesn’t give you a centralized management for multiple machines (you need to go to the paid version for that).  But you can backup multiple machines to the save storage location.

One of the things I like best about Veeam is the file level restore and the option to restore or copy to which is great when you don’t want to overwrite the original file. Veeam EndPoint Backup Free has this.  Full system recovery is also easy but you will need to create the bootable media that’s part of the initial setup to get to the Veeam tools.  The recovery media also contains some Windows recovery and repair tools which is nice to have.  If you’re worried about keeping track of your recovery media you do have the option of creating them as iso files.  Add some shared storage and you should be ready to go.  However, I haven’t figured out how to use one of my many free cloud storage account as of yet.  Easily backup all your home computers to the cloud and make it free.  Wouldn’t that be great?  I’m working on it.

So whether you want to backup your home computers or a few workstations at the office this may be the right tool. Check out the info on their web site.  https://www.veeam.com/endpoint-backup-free.html