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Why you need 5 email accounts, my personal views on email.

May 25, 16
Bob Daugherty
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Blogger: Bob Daugherty,  IT Director at DMLO

We all have an email address.  I have a few, five actually.  As an IT professional I’m always preaching about email clutter, junk, spam and protecting our end users.  For the most part I practice what I preach, but even the best effort gets your email account hacked.  Recently my personal email account was hacked.

Fortunately, it was only one of my five email accounts.  Why do I have five email account?  Crazy you say, maybe, but here’s what I think.  I use free emails accounts from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.  Don’t use the email account that comes with your internet provider for anything.  If you change providers, you may lose or worse you may have to pay to keep that account.  Now that’s crazy.

First you have your work account.  Only use this for true business communications that you would let your boss read.  If it’s a work email it belongs to the company. They can legally read every email, and they just might.  As IT professional we need to make sure our end users understand this and suggest they have at least one personal email address if not more than one.

You need a catch all account.  This was the account that got hacked and frankly I’m surprised it took this long.  I’ve had this account for years and I use it for every web subscription, survey or form that wants an email address and everyone wants one.  I know they are going to sell my email.address.  That can’t be helped these days. And I’m OK with that because that email can be easily dumped and replaced.

If you every buy anything online, you need a separate shopping account.  Again, I use a free one.  You will get some junk since they might sell you email address, but it’s nice to have your order confirmation, invoices and shipment tracking emails all in one place.   And you can “unsubscribe” from some of the junk.  Read their privacy statements about sharing your info and be careful of those checkboxes at the bottom of any on-line agreements.  You may be saying yes to more than you think.

Don’t use your shopping email account with any online banking or credit card accounts. Get a separate financial email for those sites. Never give this one out to anyone, including those in the next group.

Your friends and family email account is the hardest one to replace.  But only because it’s the one you’re probably the most emotionally attached to.  If you have family members and friends that email you pictures, holiday ecards and other stuff you just can’t part with or easily replace it’s going to be hard to give up this account.  Be stingy with this email account.  Tell your family and friends never to share it.  if you get junk in this accounts it’s probably because your friends and family only have one email account.  Send them this post.

That’s my 5 email accounts! It may seem excessive, but mobile devices can easily handle multiple accounts so it’s easy to keep up with them.   I actually have a hobby email account as well but that’s a different story.

If an account gets hacked or it seems like every junk mailer in the world has it, abandon it. Create a new one, stop sending from the old one and move anything you need over and forget it.  Eventually it will go away, well probably not, but it was free and now it’s full of junk anyway.